March Music Discoveries

Koko Neetz - I.T.T.I.P (mestep remix), released March 19, 2021 Mike Polizze -"Dizzy Demos: 2 Tickets to Cheeseburger in Paradise", released March 5, 2021 Somni - Somni Presents "Up Too Early Volume 2", released March 12, 2021 The Hamiltones - "Dracula Invitational, 1791", released March 12, 2021 Oats Holy Roller - "Problematic Racehorse: Vol. 1", … Continue reading March Music Discoveries

The birth of Onokio

Zach Williams is an experimental storyteller who has spent the last six years recording and performing under the moniker Zooanzoo. His new album 'Entity Upload Entry' marks a new chapter for the artist with his first record as Onokio. ‘Entity Upload Entry’ will be your first release as Onokio. Before we get into the new … Continue reading The birth of Onokio


Years Active  6 Members  Patrick Weil  Latest Release My last release was a two song EP called "Sweet Baby Wifi"  that came out in February of 2019 but I kinda just did that so people would stop asking if my song Wifi was streaming. In my eyes the only release I've really had was my 2017 album "Does Life".  … Continue reading Ex-Pat


The National Independent Venue Association launched in April in efforts to secure financial support to preserve the national ecosystem of independent venues and promoters. What is NIVA? We are a group of nearly 2,000 independent venues in 50 states that are banding together to ask Washington for targeted legislation to help us survive. We were … Continue reading NIVA


Chris Lombardi (formerly of Sex Positions) John Crook (Ugly Sun, Arctic Death) Matt Zych (The Slums, Scales) Ryan Schlia (sings in his car sometimes) Years Active 2019 until we all die. Upcoming Release "Emotionally Exhausted // Morally Bankrupt" EP Currently Reading Currently living in a mashup of "1984" by George Orwell and "Eight O’Clock in the Morning" … Continue reading Scumfire


Corey Bzibziak Vocals / Guitar Jacob Galenski Bass / Vocals Andrew Kothen Guitar / Vocals Gabriel Wells Drums Years Active 5 Latest Release "Disappearing Act" EP Current Album on Repeat Been listening to Nina’s - "Nina Simone and Piano!" quite a bit. The spirit she conjures throughout is beautiful and inspiring. João Gilberto’s - "Chega de Saudade" has been in pretty heavy … Continue reading dreambeaches

Sonny Baker

Years Active 16 Latest / Upcoming Release "Steady Hands, Dead Tired" (2017). A collection of demos “Outlive vol. 1” (2018). New album in the works. Hopefully this year. Current Album on Repeat Nathanial Rateliff “And It’s Still Alright”, Fiona Apple “When the Pawn...”, Jeff Parker “Suite for Max Brown”, Pearl Jam “Gigaton” Favorite Venue to Perform … Continue reading Sonny Baker

Christina Stock

Members Christina Stock - As a one-woman act, I play guitar and sometimes keys. Yet, my upcoming album has 10 people featured, so you never know what you’ll get for a bigger live show! Years Active Songwriting, 10 years. Performing, 3 years. Upcoming Release “In Due Time” (my first album!) Current Album on Repeat Fiona … Continue reading Christina Stock

The Reign of Kindo

Joseph Secchiaroli Vox/GuitarJeff Jarvis BassRocco Dellaneve Keys/VoxKendall Lantz DrumsAmit Peled GuitarRodney Flood Percussion/VoxYears Active 2007 - Present Latest Release "Happy However After" - (2018) Favorite Local Band or Artist RNSM Current Album on Repeat BJ The Chicago Kid - "In My Mind" Taco Bell or Mighty Taco Taco Bell Are you working on anything new / … Continue reading The Reign of Kindo


Irene Rekhviashvili Vocals Ryan McMullen Guitar Doug Scheider Drums John Toohill Guitar Years Active 6 Latest / Upcoming Release “Aloha Hopper” LP on Swimming Faith + Radical Empathy Summer 2019 / “Alpha Hex Index” LP on Hex Records due out late 2020 Current Album on Repeat IRENE:  I’ve been blasting Sayonara Wild Hearts, the soundtrack to the video game with the same … Continue reading ALPHA HOPPER

Shawn Chiki / Lesionread

Years Active 10 Latest Release “2019 Forever” w/ Gabriel Wells Album on Repeat Medusa’s "Boy of the Year" Favorite Venue to Perform I miss Dreamland Words of Wisdom DO Make art for the right reasons - self discovery, personal enjoyment, and expanding the universal sense of wonder.  DON’T compare yourself to other artists. What does Buffalo have to offer aspiring … Continue reading Shawn Chiki / Lesionread

Oats Holy Roller

Joe Myers is a singer/songwriter performing with a revolving crew of collaborators Years Active 8 Latest Release Daniel, (Sometimes I Think of You) - April 14, 2020 Current Album on Repeat "Other Voices, Other Rooms" by Nanci Griffith Favorite Venue to Perform Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, MA What do you think is the biggest lesson we can … Continue reading Oats Holy Roller

Timothy Alice & the Dead Star Band

Timothy Alice Guitar/Vocals Matt Distasio Bass/Vocals Bub Crumlish Drums/Vocals Years Active 1.5 Latest / Upcoming Release "SpaceStation AM500" - 2019 Current Album on Repeat Tim: “Somewhere Else” by Lydia Loveless / Bub: “Art of Doubt” by Metric / Matt: “ The Comfort of Madness” by Pale Saints Currently Reading I’ve mostly been rereading, lately. There’s a comfort in it … Continue reading Timothy Alice & the Dead Star Band


Maggie DeWitt Vocals Jeffrey Colson Guitar Isiah Druelinger Bass Ethan Childs Drums Favorite Local Bands/Artists There are a lot of great bands and artists in buffalo but if we were to choose we’d probably have to go with this band called Petechia or a band called Tina Panic Noise. Both those bands are super great, would recommend both … Continue reading Muddle


Brittany Costa vocals & guitar Adam Malchoff drums Kiril Orenstein drums Jacob Galenski guitar Corey Bzibziak bass Years Active 4 Latest Release “Alchemical Rounds”, “Demos 2” Favorite Local Band or Artist Award Show Current Album on Repeat "Green Twins" by Nick Hakim - The perfect record to dance to/explore your body with or groove to on … Continue reading Jack 


Justin John Smith vocals/guitars/annoyingly calm personalityTyler Skelton guitars/backup vocals/doo-dads/anxietyJames Warren Bass/can write a bridge when necessaryMatt Cosmann Drums/can still make something of his life Years Active 2012-present Latest Release We just released new live material on most video platforms Favorite Local Bands/Artists The Tins, Lazlo Hollyfeld, Lesionread, Fleshy Mounds Favorite Quote "That may be diabetes" -anonymous Album … Continue reading Aircraft

Personal Style

Stephen Floyd Bass, Vocals Bryan Johnson Guitar, Vocals Evan Wachowski Drums Years Active 2019 - Current Current Releases Personal Style 2019 Demo Cassette / CD / Digital Upcoming Releases 7" Single Coming Soon LP to follow Favorite Local Bands Alpha Hopper, Curtis Lovell, Denzel World Peace, Del Paxton, Facility Men, Healer, Nine Layers Deep, RPG, Sparklebomb, Uniform Operator, … Continue reading Personal Style

Humble Braggers

Tom Burtless Singer Bryan Zells Bass / Guitar Matt Chavanne Drums Tom Stoklosa Keyboard Years Active 2013 - Present Latest / Upcoming Release "Locked Inside" (released 2/28) / More singles to come soon! Best Wings in Buffalo Tom B: Kelly’s Korner probably clinches the top spot for me just due to my love of everything North Buffalo. Barbill and … Continue reading Humble Braggers

The Leones

Justin Bachulak Piano, Synths, VocalsDustin Lau GuitarKevin Carney DrumsWill Webb Bass Years Active 5 years Upcoming Release Upcoming 2020 album Best Wings in Buffalo Chester’s Cajun Grill Favorite Venue to perform Babeville Biggest Inspiration Elvis Costello, The War on Drugs, Jim James, Beach House What do you think is the biggest lesson we can all take away from this … Continue reading The Leones

Rust Belt Brigade

Victor Castillo Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin Trevor Jennings Percussion, Cajon, Vocals Miah Franco Vocals, Banjo Brandon Mueckl Vocals, Bass, Guitar Years Active 4 or so years. I'm very bad at keeping track. Upcoming Release "Howdy, Hallelujah, Here's The Thing" Currently Reading I am currently reading the Jason Molina biography "Riding With The Ghost." Favorite Local Artist Cooler. I have always had a … Continue reading Rust Belt Brigade

Hundred Plus Club

Zain Shirazi Guitar, Vocals Burak Spoth Drums Rafi Bloomberg Bass Josh Gidwitz Guitar Years Active 5 Latest Release "Need Boost" EP - 2020 Current Album on Repeat   The Garden "Kiss My Superbowl Ring" Taco Bell or Mighty Taco Taco Bell All Time Favorite Album The Voidz "Tyranny" Tell us about how this project got started? We’ve all been friends since … Continue reading Hundred Plus Club

Tough Old Bird

Nathan Corrigan Guitar, harmonica, vocals Matthew Corrigan Guitar, banjo, synth, vocals Jay Corwin Upright bass Years Active 2014 - Present Latest Release "The Old Great Lakes" (June 2019) Favorite Local Artist Oats Holy Roller Current Album on Repeat Waxahatchee - "Saint Cloud" and Bob Dylan – "John Wesley Harding" Currently Reading "The Town and The City" by Jack Kerouac How is everyone … Continue reading Tough Old Bird


Craig Perno Guitar, Lead VocalsZach Russell Bass, VocalsTrav Perno Drums, Vocals Years Active 2017- present Latest Release "Gorgeous" (Admirable Traits, 2018) Favorite Local Band or Artist I have a lot of respect for the artists around Buffalo. Everyone has their own sound while creating something to be proud of. I really dig Made Violent and MAGS’ … Continue reading Smug


Reggie Clark all instruments and production Live Members Jimmy Ciambor - Bass , Dylan Marki - Drums Years Active 2019 - present Releases “Artifact” LP Jan. 2019, “Out of the Night” Single Oct. 2019 Current Album on Repeat “Something/Anything?” by Todd Rundgren Favorite Venue to Perform Mohawk Place.  A lot of great memories and performances there. Best Wings in Buffalo I’ve always been a fan … Continue reading VR SUNSET

Logan Locking

Logan op1 (teenage engineering) organelle (critter and guitari) and ableton Years Active 2010-present Upcoming Release Not sure but pretty soon hopefully Currently Reading "Post Office" by Charles bukowski Best Wings in Buffalo Bar Bill wings are definitely the best in Buffalo if not the world Current Album on Repeat Really enjoying Four Tets new album "Sixteen Oceans" … Continue reading Logan Locking

Jesse & the Spirit

Jesse & the Spirit Years Active 2016 - Present Latest Release I’m currently working on a series of ambient-ish, mostly-improv tracks while I’m not working at my day job called “[droplet nuclei];” so far I’ve released four of them and have more coming. Upcoming novella and an album of not-ambient-or-improv, psychedelic-industrial (?) tracks (hopefully, depending … Continue reading Jesse & the Spirit


Medusa synths, vocals, electronically manipulated organic sounds Years Active 3? Publicly Latest Release "Boy of the Year" - 2020 Local Artists We Should Know More About Addie L - they’re a Buffalo-based DJ who does the job so well Current Album On Repeat "Schizophrenic" by JC Chasez but equally "After Hours" by The Weeknd Photo by Justin Ruggiero How is … Continue reading Medusa

Jacob Peter

Jacob Peter Guitar, bass, drums, piano. etc. Years Active 6 Latest Release "Snapshots", a collection of demos! Favorite Local Band or Artist Koko Neetz. He's a musical brother and his most recent record is a true labor of love and includes some of my best friends playing on it! Current Album on Repeat Dr. John's "In the Right … Continue reading Jacob Peter

Velvet Bethany

Allison Mitchell, Michael DiStasio, Ethan Childs Years Active 2014 - present Latest Release "Strawberry Moon" and "Throw Your Stone" - 2020 Current Album on Repeat I listen to the music of the bands I am playing shows with all the time or music that people send me because I don't know how to listen to music like how … Continue reading Velvet Bethany