Twin Child releases debut EP “Wish I Was Joking”

Twin Child is the moniker of Buffalo, NY based rapper Trav Perno. You may know him as the drummer of the Indie Punk band SMUG, a group we featured last year in our 3030 Buffalo series. Check that article out here… SMUG Interview

In 2019, Perno took his rhythm repertoire to new territories to form a fresh identity. Twin Child was born. He began his craft by making bi-weekly freestyle videos on Youtube and quickly gained an online following. When the COVID pandemic hit Perno knew it was time to focus in on his goals and take his passion and skills to the next level. He began writing his debut EP “Wish I Was Joking”, a collection of songs Perno feels shows his true colors. The album is about questioning your potential and figuring out if you can ever really reach the level you might think you’re capable of. The EP is out everywhere February 5th.

I decided if I was going to be stuck home because of a pandemic then I better flip the ON switch. I was afraid that I was running out of time and missing opportunities, this album is sort of the culmination of all those feelings, plus the work I’d put into Twin Child over the last year.”

— Trav Perno

Article by Frenchpressley

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