Corey Bzibziak Vocals / Guitar
Jacob Galenski Bass / Vocals
Andrew Kothen Guitar / Vocals
Gabriel Wells Drums

Years Active 5

Latest Release “Disappearing Act” EP

Current Album on Repeat Been listening to Nina’s – “Nina Simone and Piano!” quite a bit. The spirit she conjures throughout is beautiful and inspiring. João Gilberto’s – “Chega de Saudade” has been in pretty heavy rotation as well. Also, I’ve been slowly digging through the Folkways Records massive collection of music.

Local Artists we should know more about Derick Evans, Katie Weissman, Stevie Boyar, Little Cake (Ana) & Sally Schaefer are all people I find to be incredibly inspiring. Whatever they’re up to is worth checking out.

Copy of seinbeaches

What do you think is the biggest lesson we can all take away from this experience? 

I think the most important lessons will be varied but all very much internal. I think everyone is learning a lot about themselves right now and self discovery can make for a lot of positive change, inwards and outwards.

Are you working on anything new / specific at the moment? 

I currently have an ever-growing collection of ideas and demos via audio notes, but dreambeaches does not have anything specific to announce just yet. I think all of us are in phases of individual exploration & growth in our musical worlds. It is important to let these periods cycle as they will. Mostly, I am just trying to listen. There is so much to be heard out there.

Any Buffalo Artists you admire that you’ve never met? 

It’d be really cool to meet the Alpha Hopper crew and Saint Opal.

Anyone you’d like to Collaborate with? 

Hit me up, let’s make something!

What does Buffalo have to offer aspiring musicians?

Once you are able to find your way into the Buffalo music scene (which isn’t exactly easy), it begins to feel very much like family. You start to see familiar faces at shows, you form a small collection of memories together, and relationships change and grow from there. Outward of music, Buffalo itself is pretty inspiring. Between the murals, houses, gardens, history, and people there is a pulse (from precisely the first 50º day of spring until about mid-November) of something growing and challenging itself.

What are the ingredients to a thriving music/art scene?

Inclusivity and support. As soon as the bill begins to look the same and no one is reaching outward to meet and work with those they have not is when a scene becomes stale. Go to shows where you know no one at venues you’ve never been to. Shed and discard your ideas of art while watching others express it for themselves and feel held when they do the same for you.

*Interview with Corey Bzibziak




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