Austyn Benyak Guitar, Vocals
Zac Breitbach Guitar, Vocals
Caleb Lacy Bass
Liam Fernandez Drums

Years Active almost 4

Latest / Upcoming Release “No Smiles + Only in Name” 7”

Favorite Local Artists Brain Cave, Two Hands, I Hate It Too, Pearly, Biitchseat and Stalemate!

Currently Reading Mirror Sound. It’s a bunch of artists talking about recording their own music. Pretty cool and inspiring. 

Favorite Venue to Perform Probably Happy Dog or Grog Shop!

Favorite Quote “You don’t care enough about yourself to take a chance.”

What do you think is the biggest lesson we can all take away from this past year?

Community and social gatherings are way more important than most of us realized before lockdowns.

Are you working on anything new / specific at the moment?

Just writing more tunes, waiting for touring and shows to come back!

What would you consider your Best Local Show Experience?

Our record release show at Happy Dog in January 2020 was pretty awesome. It was really inspiring to see everyone there was mostly there to support us. Gave us a lot of confidence, but then covid struck.

Any local Artists you admire that you’ve never met?

Cloud Nothings, Signals Midwest, Nine Inch Nails, Filter

Experience working with a label?

Our label Head2Wall Records has been super supportive and helpful with our releases. Love those dudes!

Craziest memory from touring?

The Detroit Incident, July 2018. If you know, you know. Also seeing the west coast and various landmarks on that side of the country was insane too. 

What’s the biggest thing that your band could use help with? (Promotion, Recording, Merch, Booking, Touring, etc)

I think promotion and touring are a couple things we could use help with. While we know people that know people that know people that can get us shows a lot of places, it’d be nice to have someone that can save us the endless messaging and emails haha. Also I try to stay off social media, so some help with furthering our online footprint would be chill. 

What does Cleveland or Akron have to offer aspiring musicians?

A diverse set of musicians and really supportive and inspiring people.

What areas could Cleveland or Akron Improve on?

While I think Cleveland has a thriving DIY scene, and the shows are usually well attended, Cleveland venues/promoters seem to not want to put any of these bands on shows opening for larger touring acts, which could expose these “DIY” bands to a whole new and larger audience. Cleveland is insular in that sense. It usually takes a Cleveland band multiple tours outside of the city to find an audience within the city, if that makes sense.

What’s the next move?

Releasing more music and hopefully touring in the fall or winter!

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