Years Active 6 as a solo artist

Latest Release Right Now (single) & King Vitamin (single)

Favorite Local Artists Kipp Stone, Smith Taylor, Tae Miles, Nuke Franklin, Blokhead Johnny, Will Cherry, Weswill

Current Album on Repeat Even In Darkness by Dungeon Family

Currently Reading Disney Animation: The Illusion Of Life

Words of Wisdom Don’t wait on people or for circumstances to be perfect to start making/putting out music. If you do that, you’ll be waiting forever. Get a computer, a MIDI controller, an interface, and a mic and start. That’s the only way. Also learn how to make your own beats.

How is everyone holding up during this time?

I’ve been good. 2020 was obviously rough on a global scale, but personally things got intense. I lost my father to cancer. Candidly, it shook me to my core and I’m still trying to sort it out. I was planning on quitting before he got sick but something happened. He had a stroke and lost his ability to speak in his last days. My sister told me that one day a speech therapist was working with him and he was trying to brag about me and my work. Somehow they put on one of my songs and he sang my lyrics! It’s hard to describe the feeling when you know, without a doubt, that your father is proud of you and what you chose to do with your life. It motivated me to go harder and never stop. It’s a classic good with the bad situation. Like in my song “Philippe” I say “…I don’t do this just for me” and that’s real. I do this to honor my family. I’m a reflection of them.

Are you working on anything new / specific at the moment?

I know niggas be saying this, but I’m literally always working on something new. I mean literally in the literal sense not the millennial sense. I’m a bit manic when it comes to working because my greatest fear is my work not representing where I am in life.

Previous Bands?

Thaddeus Anna Greene

What areas could Cleveland or Akron Improve on?

Cleveland/Akron notoriously have no infrastructure for musicians. Sure, we’ve got talent for days, some loving venues (that could pay a bit more fairly), and supporting fans of local musicians, but we don’t have a strong network. Everyone is sort of sandboxed in their own worlds. In which, they are creating at an elite level but that’s not enough. Cleveland has all the trappings to be as formidable as markets like Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, and Chicago. We have to trust ourselves more. We have to be more reliable to one another. WE HAVE TO STOP SECRETLY COMPETING WITH ONE ANOTHER. We are getting better at these things, but infinitesimally and at a turtle’s pace. That’s not good enough.

What’s the next move? 

Keep going. I’m gonna keep putting out records and videos until I die. I’ve been dropping music multiple times a year since 2016. I don’t plan on stopping. Check in with me at least once a month and there will most likely be a release or an announcement.

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