June 2020 releases in Support of Juneteenth

SadhuGold – “Golden Joe Season Two” – released 6/19/2020

Humble Braggers – “I’ll Try” – released 6/19/2020

All proceeds will be donated to NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Rust Belt Brigade – “Roll Call / Love is a House” – released 6/19/2020

ALL proceeds from the sale of this single will be donated to Black Love Resist in The Rust

Fej – “Consumer Products” – released 6/19/2020

I will be putting all of the money I “make” off of this into records for other people on my extremely unprofitable cassette label, Imperial Emporium Sound Options

Just Milk – “You Got Me” – released 6/19/2020

50% of bandcamp sales are going to Main Initiatives from now til Sept. 22

Ralph Cinema – “Make Peace” released 6/8/2020

During this time, I wanted to make a love album to clear minds and open hearts, during theses tragic times of the occuring events and killings of our fellow black african americans. My heart goes out to all the familys who lost thier love one. I hope this beattape brings healing to those who are devastated by this my prayers go out, peace love and blessings.

Mourning [A] BLKstar – “These Hands Are Up” – released 6/5

So for June’s Bandcamp Day our collective will be donating 100% of the sales from this EP to Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality. OFUAPB was started by incredible Moms who have lost their children to police murder in the state of Ohio.

Space Cubs – “Letting In” – released 6/5/2020

All proceeds will be donated to NAACP Legal Defense Fund

denzelworldpeace “Heart Beats EP” – released 6/5

Personal Style – “Block The Hate” – released 6/5/2020

All proceeds going to Black Love Resist in The Rust




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