Blend into the only sun with The Midnight Vein

the midnight vein


The Midnight Vein has unleashed two new tracks as a Limited edition 7″ available through Swimming Faith Records. 

Side A hosts “Till it Explodes”, a laid-back acoustic driven track reminiscent of the great English rock anthems of the 90’s. The lyrics “Slowly it Grows, Till it Explodes” are repeated throughout and nourish a state of contemplation. We are encouraged to look inward and find balance and acceptance in the anxious feelings that often accompany growth. An acid free yellow paper insert covered in mud and wildflower seeds is included in the vinyl slip and encouraged to be planted gently anywhere with a little water. 

Side B hosts “Run From the Light”, a highly hypnotic track summoning back-to-back repeated listenings. Everything about this track appears to be leading us down a narrowing dark tunnel of uncertainty. Once completely engulfed inside the darkness we are no longer plagued by the distractions of our vision and finally allowed to surrender the self in exchange for the oneness. Side B includes a center label animation that can be seen with the naked eye and an adjustable strobe light (The Motionics Tachometer App is recommended) set between 13-17Hz. 

The Midnight Vein has created a truly harmonious two track slow burner that plays like a full-length concept album and leaves you feeling full.

“Take the warmth and run from the light. Bleed to become mystic one. Blend into the only sun. In the dark we all are one.”



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