Chris Corsi instrumentation and production
Emma Shepard
vocals and lyrics

Years Active 1 year

Latest / Upcoming Release “How Do I Know You’re There” (single) released January 8, 2021 & Communion (Expanded Release) – Release Date TBD

Favorite Local Artists Pleasure Leftists, Red Devil Ryders, Edwin Augustin, Jaite, Nature, Cruelster 

Current Album on Repeat  

Chris – The Chills- Kaleidoscope World

Emma – Milk Music – Mystic 100’s

Favorite Albums of 2020 

We both loved Sweeping Promises- Hunger for a Way Out 

Emma- Fetch the Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple! A year of total societal collapse was a perfect time for a new Fiona Apple album! I also loved Sinead O’Brien’s Ep, “Drowning in Blessings.”

Chris- I was pretty all over the place with what I was listening to last year, not much comes to mind as far as new releases. That being said, one record that stood out to me in 2020 was This Devastating Map by Helvetia. 

Tell us about how this project got started?

We play in a band called Small Wood House, which was on hiatus during quarantine. Since the two of us saw each other in our tiny quarantine pod, we started jamming together and wrote the first track, “Suitor.” We thought it would just be a one-off thing, but we really liked the track and decided to write a couple more. Eventually, it turned into this entire EP release and a full-blown side project.

How do you balance music with jobs, partners, children, etc.?

First and foremost, we prioritize our rock and roll lifestyle. Our studio set-up is in Chris’ apartment, so that makes it pretty accessible. I live a measly ten minutes away and we try to get together at least once a week to write! The other 6 days go to our jobs and loved ones!

Anyone you’d like to Collaborate with?

Since it’s not possible to collab with Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water era Limp Bizkit we’d probably have to say Chad VanGaalen present day- we mutually agree that he is one of the most talented and underappreciated artists alive! He blends together so many different genres and textures without ever coming across as overly-ambitious. We also loved his work with the band Women. 

Experience working with a label? 

We will be putting out Communion (Expanded Release) on cassette through a great Cleveland label, Just Because Records. 

What does Cleveland or Akron have to offer aspiring musicians?

Akron / Cleveland both have very supportive and warm music and art scenes. The music scene is very densely populated with talented, creative, and humble people. The Midwest is good for that!

What areas could Cleveland or Akron Improve on?

Public transit 😦

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