Video Feature: Just Milk “Carry Your Weight”

Just Milk (Tara Rook) is a versatile artist, musician and meditation practitioner living in Portland, Maine. For her new track, “Carry Your Weight”, Rook asks for the listener to consider the question, “How often do we push through life gripping our emotions, thoughts, and feelings?”

Acting as a powerful accumulation of Rook’s passions and knowledge, “Carry Your Weight” is presented to the listener as a meditative awareness of the weights each of us carry from day to day, ultimately encouraging us to make friends and build relationships with these weights, in turn, befriending ourselves: making amends.

Accompanying the song is a playful and perfectly refined video by director / cinematographer M.FIG and editor James Bianchi. Stunningly captured on 16mm film, the video is a spirited portrayal of free movement and exploration through the streets of Chiang Mai, Taipei, and NYC.

In addition to the song, Rook is releasing the album cover art as a limited edition set of prints. 50% of track sales and $5 of every art print sale is being donated to Sea Change Yoga, a non profit organization in Maine bringing trauma informed yoga & meditation to marginalized populations (

Article by Frenchpressley, February 11th, 2021

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