Music Premiere: Mallwalkers “Get Yr Cake”

Holy Smokes!

After breaking up last year, Buffalo, NY punk-rock outfit Mallwalkers are releasing their final recordings on August 6th. Today we are pleased to present to you the Premiere of the first single “Get Yr Cake”. This track is probably Mallwalkers at their poppiest with playful vocals by Jaz Frazier and a very catchy horn line by the principal horn members. It kicks off with a Jack White worthy intro before stepping on the gas down an open dirt road. The song bobs and weaves between the horns and vocals before settling on a pretty epic drum break from the bands newest member Bob Fullex and exploding into a huge final coda where the vocals and horns really take off. Stepping in to co-wrote this song is local tunesmith Bryan Johnson, currently of post-punk shredders Personal Style and Bryan Johnson & Family.

Now that we have a taste of the cake it’s clear that “Do Something Drastic” is sure to be a final feast worth attending.

The album is out AUGUST 6th on RADICAL EMPATHY RECORDS. Vinyl pre-orders now available. RIP Mallwalkers!

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