We at Into Fruition understand this has been a strange and difficult time for many of us. This difficulty also extends to working musicians. Local musicians have been impacted in many ways, such as lost gigs, postponed recording sessions, and missed promotional opportunities.

Because of these and the many other issues affecting artists, beginning April 1st we are presenting the 3030 series.

Throughout April’s 30 days we will be highlighting 30 bands connected through Buffalo’s music scene. We will provide a post each day spotlighting a local artist or group with interviews, audio/video, and links to support them directly. These are some of the people in your community who have committed to their craft.

Art is largely about communion. Indeed, the arts have the unique ability to communicate across different times, locales, languages and cultures. It is noble and necessary and helps our community thrive. During this time of mass isolation we need what the arts can provide more than ever.

Please join us on this journey. We hope you can find meaning and connection in this time and enjoy some good music along the way…