Corey Bzibziak Vocals / Guitar Jacob Galenski Bass / Vocals Andrew Kothen Guitar / Vocals Gabriel Wells Drums Years Active 5 Latest Release "Disappearing Act" EP Current Album on Repeat Been listening to Nina’s - "Nina Simone and Piano!" quite a bit. The spirit she conjures throughout is beautiful and inspiring. João Gilberto’s - "Chega de Saudade" has been in pretty heavy … Continue reading dreambeaches

Sonny Baker

Years Active 16 Latest / Upcoming Release "Steady Hands, Dead Tired" (2017). A collection of demos “Outlive vol. 1” (2018). New album in the works. Hopefully this year. Current Album on Repeat Nathanial Rateliff “And It’s Still Alright”, Fiona Apple “When the Pawn...”, Jeff Parker “Suite for Max Brown”, Pearl Jam “Gigaton” Favorite Venue to Perform … Continue reading Sonny Baker

Christina Stock

Members Christina Stock - As a one-woman act, I play guitar and sometimes keys. Yet, my upcoming album has 10 people featured, so you never know what you’ll get for a bigger live show! Years Active Songwriting, 10 years. Performing, 3 years. Upcoming Release “In Due Time” (my first album!) Current Album on Repeat Fiona … Continue reading Christina Stock

The Reign of Kindo

Joseph Secchiaroli Vox/GuitarJeff Jarvis BassRocco Dellaneve Keys/VoxKendall Lantz DrumsAmit Peled GuitarRodney Flood Percussion/VoxYears Active 2007 - Present Latest Release "Happy However After" - (2018) Favorite Local Band or Artist RNSM Current Album on Repeat BJ The Chicago Kid - "In My Mind" Taco Bell or Mighty Taco Taco Bell Are you working on anything new / … Continue reading The Reign of Kindo


Irene Rekhviashvili Vocals Ryan McMullen Guitar Doug Scheider Drums John Toohill Guitar Years Active 6 Latest / Upcoming Release “Aloha Hopper” LP on Swimming Faith + Radical Empathy Summer 2019 / “Alpha Hex Index” LP on Hex Records due out late 2020 Current Album on Repeat IRENE:  I’ve been blasting Sayonara Wild Hearts, the soundtrack to the video game with the same … Continue reading ALPHA HOPPER

Shawn Chiki / Lesionread

Years Active 10 Latest Release “2019 Forever” w/ Gabriel Wells Album on Repeat Medusa’s "Boy of the Year" Favorite Venue to Perform I miss Dreamland Words of Wisdom DO Make art for the right reasons - self discovery, personal enjoyment, and expanding the universal sense of wonder.  DON’T compare yourself to other artists. What does Buffalo have to offer aspiring … Continue reading Shawn Chiki / Lesionread

Oats Holy Roller

Joe Myers is a singer/songwriter performing with a revolving crew of collaborators Years Active 8 Latest Release Daniel, (Sometimes I Think of You) - April 14, 2020 Current Album on Repeat "Other Voices, Other Rooms" by Nanci Griffith Favorite Venue to Perform Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, MA What do you think is the biggest lesson we can … Continue reading Oats Holy Roller

Timothy Alice & the Dead Star Band

Timothy Alice Guitar/Vocals Matt Distasio Bass/Vocals Bub Crumlish Drums/Vocals Years Active 1.5 Latest / Upcoming Release "SpaceStation AM500" - 2019 Current Album on Repeat Tim: “Somewhere Else” by Lydia Loveless / Bub: “Art of Doubt” by Metric / Matt: “ The Comfort of Madness” by Pale Saints Currently Reading I’ve mostly been rereading, lately. There’s a comfort in it … Continue reading Timothy Alice & the Dead Star Band


Maggie DeWitt Vocals Jeffrey Colson Guitar Isiah Druelinger Bass Ethan Childs Drums Favorite Local Bands/Artists There are a lot of great bands and artists in buffalo but if we were to choose we’d probably have to go with this band called Petechia or a band called Tina Panic Noise. Both those bands are super great, would recommend both … Continue reading Muddle