Science Man returns from “The Cube”

While awaiting the release of the LP “SM II” via Big Neck Records, Science Man opened the device known as “The Cube” and disappeared for 72hrs. He has returned with a gift and it is MATCH GAME.

Let the games begin!

Upon first entering Match Game you find yourself at “Tiny Tower” and the energy is made clear. You’ll have no need to question its intensity. It’s best you hold on tight now and enjoy the ride.

The gears are grinding yet this well oiled machine is running in near perfect timing. You feel the constant vibrations running through every vein in your body and sending doses upon doses of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

You feel the something taking place. You twitch and tweak as the natural forces pull you this way and that. A moment of complete control balanced by complete powerlessness. This is a place of Limbo. There is no way out, no way off this rapidly increasing high-speed machine. Take heed of the hurling steam. You have no choice but to ride it out.

Match Game appears to be the dance between man and the darkest corners of his mind. A futuristic, post apocalyptic telling of Jekyll and Hyde. When nothing else exists, You alone are locked inside the Tower awaiting the inevitable shadow, the changeling, the darkness, the curse. It’s the constant, the evolution, the shaping, the change.

Can you feel the transformation taking place?

Match Game

I feel  like I’m ready to Dance…

This is the first show I want to see when venues open up again. I want to witness this transformation live. I want to be in this band. It’s like watching the French film “The City of Lost Children” but Ron Perlman plays the Hellboy character in it instead of carnival strongman One. This is the music that makes anything epic. I want to ride into the desert with a crossbow in one hand, a saddle bag full of rodents, and a sidecar with a two-headed boy.  I want to chew dip and spit it out on the white carpet until it’s stained black. I want to bathe in a tub of spaghetti while drinking koo-laid mixed with scotch. Remember when Ozzy Osbourne bit off a bats head at a show? He listened to this album before he went on stage. Science Man once said “In the future I will find a cure for the future”. Well, the Future is now and the cure is Science Man.

article by Frenchpressley


science man

Match Game is now avaible on Vinyl Limited Time Match Game 7″ + T-Shirt Deal

science man shirt

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