New Single from Tough Old Bird – Remembrance

These were (are?) strange times. Like many of us, Buffalo-based brothers Matthew and Nathan Corrigan spent the winter of 2020-2021 isolated. Unlike some of us, they did not spend their time in isolation doing jigsaw puzzles, discovering birds, or barely concealing their alcoholism by convincing themselves they were interested in the science of mixology. The brothers, who record and perform as Tough Old Bird, did what they do best. They wrote songs. 

The outcome of these writing sessions is set to be unveiled on October 22 with the release of their new EP, A Mantle For The Lantern. The EP follows the band’s 2019 album, The Old Great Lakes. A Mantle For The Lantern sees the band continue to nurture their unique space within the Americana/folk sphere with sincere songwriting, tasteful arrangements, and pleasant melodies. Take a listen to the new single, Remembrance, below. And look out for the band at Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St, Buffalo) on October 7th.

@ToughOldBirdMusic (Instagram) (Facebook)

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