Sonny Baker

Years Active 16

Latest / Upcoming Release “Steady Hands, Dead Tired” (2017). A collection of demos “Outlive vol. 1” (2018). New album in the works. Hopefully this year.

Current Album on Repeat Nathanial Rateliff “And It’s Still Alright”, Fiona Apple “When the Pawn…”, Jeff Parker “Suite for Max Brown”, Pearl Jam “Gigaton”

Favorite Venue to Perform Three way tie. Mohawk / 9th Ward at Babeville / Town Ballroom. All for very different reasons.

sonny new

How is everyone holding up during this time?

So far, so good. Starting to crack a little bit. Miss the human connections. Miss my friends and band members. It does feel like I’m playing guitar a lot more. Every day I’ve been learning 2 or 3 new songs from artists that I love. That’s been helping me write my own material more.

Tell us about how this project got started? 

On and off my whole life I’ve tried to create songs that I would like to hear. Outside of a band landscape. Something that collects all of the random shit I like. And an emotional output that helps me in more ways than one. I started writing “songs” when I was 10/11yrs old. The songwriting has definitely evolved since then but I still don’t have the grasp that I’d like to have. And eventually I was able to con some of my good friends and favorite musicians to help form a band. Go play shows, record some albums, etc.

Are you working on anything new / specific at the moment?

I’ve been sitting on a batch of songs for quite some time now. I’ve been playing them with my band and solo. I’ve been itching to start work on the next record and was about to right before all of this happened. So i’m taking this time to polish off a few of the songs and hopefully write a few more.

Previous Bands?

uberfunk, A Hotel Nourishing , Cinnamon Aluminum, Besyno (for a brief time towards the end), Alex Berkley & the Atlanta Falcons, Wooden Waves. Also currently in Lazlo Hollyfeld & Talking Dead Heads.

Anyone you’d like to Collaborate with?

There’s so much talent in this town. Many, many folks I’d love to work with. I’m always open to new ideas. Every few months I want to start new projects with people i’ve never worked with before and genres i’ve never attempted. Before Mr. Jacob Peter left town, I was hoping to make an album with him. We got together once and worked on a few songs and I was super jazzed. Then I got lazy and sadly, nothing came of it.

Craziest memory from touring? 

Hands down. Getting pulled over by State Troopers with a SWAT team on a highway outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. Then being handcuffed one by one and being held at gunpoint on the side of the highway.

Top 5 favorite Buffalo Bands / Artists? 

Alex Berkley, Leroy Townes, Carmen & Lizzy, Koko Neetz, Personal Style, Roger Bryan, Fourem, Cooler, Bill Nehill, Oats Holy Roller, Zak Ward, TVMTN, the list goes on and on and on!

What’s the next move? 

Make this new record. Write more songs. Write more songs. Make another record.

ReSoundings: Sonny Baker “tepted” from Burchfield Penney Art Center on Vimeo




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