Maggie DeWitt Vocals
Jeffrey Colson Guitar
Isiah Druelinger Bass
Ethan Childs Drums

Favorite Local Bands/Artists There are a lot of great bands and artists in buffalo but if we were to choose we’d probably have to go with this band called Petechia or a band called Tina Panic Noise. Both those bands are super great, would recommend both of them.

Current Album on Repeat My album I’ve been listening to a lot lately is for sure The Garden’s new album, “Kiss my super bowl ring.” It’s really great and has a lot of new stuff I’ve never heard from them.

Favorite Venue to Perform Our favorite venue to perform is for sure either Sugar City or Grindhaus. Both those places are super sick and both all ages which we always really like. Both are very welcoming places and we always have a great time at both!


Are you working on anything new/specific at the moment?

Well at the moment we are kinda just trying to write songs while being stuck in our houses then when we can get together and make them into something. We hope to record some stuff at some point but not really sure when. We just gotta get this coronavirus figured out then us and everyone else can start up again.

What would you consider your best local show experience?

I would say one of our favorite shows if the last show we played in the beginning of march at Grindhaus, that show was so fun. Everyone was jumping around and having a great time. It’s such a great feeling watching people have fun to stuff you write and perform to people.

What does Buffalo have to offer aspiring musicians?

Buffalo has a lot of great venues to play at and a lot of inspiring bands to watch. It’s very easy to meet other people if you are trying to start a band, always cool people at shows and around the city. There are a lot of great people to meet around the music scene also.

What has your recording experience been like?

When we recorded our first album it was great and super fun. We recorded with Brandon at his studio Steak and Cake records. It was really comfy and was always super fun and we loved how the mix came out when it was all done and ready.

What’s the biggest thing your band could use help with?

We really want to tour and it’s kinda been a struggle setting it up and getting all the contacts for everything. We were trying to set one up for summer but now coronavirus has ruined it a little so we hope we can as soon as possible.

*Interview with Ethan Childs




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