Call for Art!


“A Digitally Curated Collaborative Art Show”

 A Collaboration with NOMEL ARTS and Five Points Framing

“TOGETHER APART” is a project to promote creative connectivity during this time of isolation. The spread of COVID-19 is something we can all help to reduce and it is important during this time to do everything we can to watch out for the safety of ourselves and others by adhering to these new and changing regulations. As challenging and different as social distancing is to anything we’ve experienced in our lifetimes, it is also a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how we live, learn different processes, generate new and creative ways of thinking and take a step back from our hectic lives.

THE GOAL is to showcase how we are all connected even while apart, create a collaborative environment through social distancing and support local creatives and businesses in an interactive way. The idea is to digitally* collect small works of art from local artists of ANY MEDIUM over the next few weeks (or months if it gets to that point), have the work printed and framed at no cost and when we are able to have events again, we will celebrate the coming back together and reveal what everyone has created! This program may also span outside of the Buffalo area if there is interest.

INTO FRUITION has curated a playlist that supports the music community and throws some groovy inspirations your way while you make your visual creations? These are friends, neighbors, peers, and mentors and we believe in their paths through sound. We believe in yours too. Through all this crazy, we hope you stay healthy, be inspired, and continue to grow. You got this. We can cheers to that!


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