Zooanzoo releases surprise EP ‘[AD-HOC]’ to raise funds for Local Service Industry

As Restaurants and Bars continue to close their doors and Service Industry Workers are laid off, many are searching and wondering if and when help will come. In the city of Harrisonburg Virginia, with a population just over 50,000, more than 45 restaurants and other food and beverage related businesses and it’s employees are feeling the weight of this uncertainty.

In an effort to help, Local resident Zach Williams aka ZOOANZOO has just released a surprise EP titled [ad-hoc] to assist in raising money and awareness. The limited-edition EP is being released exclusively as a mini-CD-R (Yes, it’s that exclusive!) with all proceeds going towards the “Harrisonburg Culinary District Workers” fund; HCDW is an emergency relief fund organized by Nevin Lough Zehr with a goal of raising $50,000 to help support the struggling community.

The limited-edition EP is available HERE and includes 7 tracks, custom artwork and a download link to goodies including the entire album digitally, a Max for Live VDJ patch + other Max patches, a remixed score of a scene from the Animatrix and more!





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