The Leones

Justin Bachulak Piano, Synths, Vocals
Dustin Lau Guitar
Kevin Carney Drums
Will Webb Bass 

Years Active 5 years

Upcoming Release Upcoming 2020 album

Best Wings in Buffalo Chester’s Cajun Grill

Favorite Venue to perform Babeville

Biggest Inspiration Elvis Costello, The War on Drugs, Jim James, Beach House

What do you think is the biggest lesson we can all take away from this experience?

I guess now more than ever it’s important to know how lucky all of us are to be here, in this place and time. This is a terrible pandemic and our government is fucked and it’s really scary but most of us as Americans know nothing of the terror people in this world face everyday or what people have endured in the past. We are the 1%. We are the luckiest in the history of the world to be human and alive right now.

Tell us about how this project got started?

I played at Babeville with my old folk band in 2014 and Dustin, The Leones guitarist came to the show. We talked after the show about The War on Drugs, Neil Young and My Morning Jacket and that was it. We jammed in my garage a few times and I realized making this music we were starting to explore, focusing on the emotional connections between guitar and piano and vocals was special and we really enjoyed it. Wren Werner, (Sons of Luther, The Instigator Hour) came to our like third duo show at Waiting Room and kicked me in the ass to get a rhythm section. That’s when him and Kevin, our drummer, came in and that was The Leones.

Are you working on anything new / specific at the moment?

We’re working on a new album currently and we’re really excited about it. 

What would you consider your Best Local Show?

We opened for Japanese Breakfast at Mohawk and that was pretty magical. 

How do you balance music with jobs, partners, children, etc.?

You steal time when you can. Saturday’s and late evenings when you want to go to bed but you have to sit down and play or record something. 




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