Maya LaMacchia

A hidden gem amongst the Buffalo, NY music scene, Maya LaMacchia is a truly refreshing voice, carrying forth songs that evoke the spirit of songwriters of past generations. If you’ve never heard of her before there’s no better time then now. The 16-year-old singer-songwriter has written and recorded four records in her bedroom studio in … Continue reading Maya LaMacchia

Slow Mutants

After nearly 2 years of silence Slow Mutants have released their long awaited self-titled debut album. It also happens to be their last. The Buffalo, NY based band consisting of members Emma LaQue (Bass/Vocals/Harmonium), Stephen Schmitt (Guitars/Vocals) and Stephen Floyd (Drums) went separate ways in 2018 shortly after recording a 12 song album with J. Robbins … Continue reading Slow Mutants

Mirjam Debets

Amsterdam Based Artist Mirjam Debets Walks Us Through Her Wild and Colorful Visual World IF: Can you start off by telling us a little about your background and how you first became interested in the world of VJing? MD: I studied 2D animation at the HKU (Utrecht University of the Arts), where we mostly worked … Continue reading Mirjam Debets


Like Krispy Cream and Pepsi Cola, Shadowgraphs formed just east of the Appalachian Mountains amongst the Longleaf Pines of North Carolina. Founded in 2014 by Wils Glade and Bryan Olsen, the two wrote, recorded, and released two full length albums by summer 2017. While listening to these first records, it became clear that the two … Continue reading Shadowgraphs


INTERVIEW W/ KEITH RANKIN – the visionary behind Giant Claw and Orange Milk Records IF: Tell us a little about your life leading up to the creation of Orange Milk Records. How did it all begin? KR: I co-run Orange Milk with Seth Graham, we met each other in Dayton Ohio, and I think we were … Continue reading KEITH RANKIN


DRIVING FAST THROUGH INDIANAPOLIS WITH SEDCAIRN ARCHIVES IF: I first came across your music after seeing a post from Keith Rankin regarding the album artwork he did for OOBYDOOB. Can you tell me about how you originally connected with Keith as well as the ideas behind the artwork? SA: I was a fan of Keith’s artwork, … Continue reading SEDCAIRN ARCHIVES


DALLAS TEXAS BASED GROOVE MAKER SPK TALKS UPCOMING RELEASES, COLLABORATIONS AND MUSIC PRODUCTION IF: Can you tell us about your upcoming release and what we can expect to see? SPK: My first record “In The Thick of it” which was released sometime in October on Bandcamp is getting a vinyl re-release on New Math Records, featuring … Continue reading SPK

Nicholas Bohac

Artist Spotlight – Nicholas Bohac IF: Tell us about how you originally connected with Son Step. How did the collaboration unfold? NB: Son Step actually contacted me. I just looked back at my records to see if I could figure out how that all started, and I see that Joel actually sent me a text message last … Continue reading Nicholas Bohac


DANCING IN THE DARK WITH JESSICA WINTER OF GLASS IF: Can you tell us a little about your relationship with Scott and how you came to work together musically? JW: Scott and I first knew of each other when I was about 16 years old down in Portsmouth.  I was playing piano and singing for a mutual friend … Continue reading JESSICA WINTER